4 Reasons Why a Minibus Shuttle Service is the Best Alternative to Public Transport in Sydney

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  • 30/12/2019

What’s the most essential aspect of any journey, short or long? Transportation. Getting the transport situation sorted sets the tone for the rest of the trip. It means that you get to feel comfortable, organised and safe from the beginning. The questions are whether you should opt for the public transport system – that is, a bus or train – or a minibus shuttle service in Sydney. The answer depends on a few factors, but as private group transport experts, we’ve got all the information you need about the benefits of hiring a shuttle. In this blog, we highlight the top reasons why travelling in a hired shuttle is an excellent alternative to public transport.

#1 – You Can Tailor the Route for Your Convenience

Public transport operates based on set routes, which means it’s only ideal if you’re going to a place where the bus or train passes through. With a shuttle, you have the option to choose a route that suits you best.

#2 – The Seats are More Comfortable Than Those in a Public Bus

Minibuses are designed with comfort at the fore. There’s more legroom, so you can recline if you want to take a little nap. There are also no people standing, so there’s more room to move freely and place your belongings.

#3 – You Can Travel to Remote Parts of the Region Where Public Transport Doesn’t Reach

The truth is, public transport doesn’t always reach every location in the area. It may cost less, but you might have to walk a long distance or hop onto another mode of transport before you arrive at the exact location you’re going to. Booking a shuttle means you can get to even the most isolated places without a hassle.

#4 – No Need to Have Multiple Stops

A minibus shuttle goes straight to the destination. There is no time-consuming pickups and drop-offs along the way unless you request them. If you have a shared collection location, you don’t have to waste time on unnecessary stops.

Hiring a minibus shuttle service in Sydney saves you time and effort. You get picked up from where you are and dropped off at a precise destination. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more convenient means of travel. Book your private group trip with Concord Coaches today.

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