5 Great Ideas For Partying On The Move With Party Bus Hire In Sydney

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  • 10/01/2019

It’s difficult to think of anything more unique than a moving venue for a celebration. If you think out of the box, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities you may not have thought of before. Get rid of the idea that hiring a bus for a party is just taking a ride. There are many things you could do with party bus hire in Sydney, and when you get going you might never want to jump off!

#1: Create A Party Playlist To Get The Good Times Rolling

There’s nothing like singing along to pop hits while on the road. Compile a playlist with songs that match the event or person you’re celebrating and plug it in right from the start. You can even collect song requests from the other party passengers beforehand.

#2: Put A Spin On Carpool Karaoke

We’ve all watched the videos of celebrities taking part in karaoke while driving. Bring a laptop with and plug it into the party bus sound system, then stream some karaoke videos and give everyone a shot at grabbing the mike.

#3: Bust The Boredom With Fun Board Games

Games like 30 Seconds have become popular party starters over the last few years. Bring one along, a set of cards or a drinking board game to get everyone engaged. If you’d prefer fewer things to carry around, go digital with smartphone apps, such as Cards Against Humanity, Charades or Heads Up.

#4: Introduce Some Healthy Competition: Sing-Off Or Dance-Off?

The first two options we discussed set a great foundation for this. Take turns at having a dance-off to some of the songs in the playlist and have a few people sit it out to judge and select a winner. Switch with the judges once a winner has been chosen and do the same thing. If your guests have two left feet, have a sing-off using the karaoke videos that you’ll be streaming.

#5: Go All Out With A Party Theme To Kick-Start All Your Stops

Don’t forget that your party bus can be treated like any other venue. This means you can decorate it to your chosen theme and bring matching foods and drinks onboard too.

Anyone can have fun on a party bus. Bring your flair to the party and make memories that you and your loved ones or friends will never forget. Ready to begin? Then contact Concord Coaches for party bus hire in Sydney today.

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