5 Things You Can Do To Pass The Time On Your Hired Bus From Sydney Airport

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  • 25/09/2019

Travelling can be fun and fulfilling, but it can also be draining if you don’t have anything to do while on the road. It’s not enough to take for granted that the journey on its own will keep you entertained or occupied. If you’re travelling in a group, it’s even more essential to have pass-time activities on the bus rides. The moment you land at Sydney Airport and hire a charter bus, there are a few things you should consider to start the trip off with a bang.

If you think that there’s nothing to do on a bus, this blog is for you. We share some of our favourite tips for passing the time during a bus journey.

1: Bring a Deck of Cards

You may think you know the colleagues or friends you’re travelling with well, but there’s nothing like a game of cards to break the ice while you travel. Shuffle a deck and play an easy game that includes everyone, so that the whole group feels involved and engaged while on the trip.

2: Get Suggestions for a Playlist That the Driver Can Play for Everyone

Music is a universal language. No matter what your taste. It can be fun to hear what other people listen to in their headphones. Collect a list of songs from the entire travel group and compile a playlist for the shuttle trip. It’s a great way to connect without forcing conversation.

3: Put Your Neck Rest & Eye Cover to Use by Taking A Power Nap

Catch up on some much-needed sleep. If you’re travelling, chances are you’ve been tying up loose ends for at least the last few hours. Use the time on the hired bus from the airport to catch some shut-eye before reaching your destination.

4: Familiarise Yourself with Your To-Do List for The Trip

Whether it’s a work trip or a holiday, there’ll be activities that you’ve set out to do. Write these down in the form of a to-do list and go through it during the bus ride so that you can get all your ducks in a row in advance. Find out from your travel companions whether there’s anything they’d like to do, like group activities and include those too.

5: Bring a Face Mask with You for a Pamper Session On-The-Go

Who said the spa is the only place to get the needed skin treatment? Buy yourself some refreshing masks and put one on during the trip. You can wash it off once you’ve checked in at your accommodation and enjoy your fresh glow throughout the journey.

See? There are lots of things to do on the bus you hire from Sydney Airport. All you have to do is think outside the box.

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