6 Things to Never Do on a Corporate Bus Hire Ride in Sydney

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  • 18/11/2019

Travel, whether for work or leisure, can be tiring. The last thing you want is a pesky passenger ruining the trip for you. But what if you’re the annoying traveller that nobody wants to sit next to on the bus? It’s easy to spot it when someone else does it, but sometimes you’re the problem. If you’ve arranged for a corporate bus hire in Sydney, this article is for you. We list the top activities you should avoid while on a bus trip – short or long.

Corporate Bus No-no #1: Ask, “Are We There Yet?” Over & Over

You’d think that this irritating habit is limited to restless children, but adults do it too. Ask for a trip schedule ahead of time so that you avert any anxiety about how long it takes.

Corporate Bus No-no #2: Incessant & Noisy Talking

No one – and we mean NO ONE – likes a Chatty Cathy (sorry if that’s your actual name) or an Obnoxious Oscar (just made this one up). We’re not saying go mute, but keep it down and don’t talk just because you can.

Corporate Bus No-no #3: Sticking Chewed Gum Under the Seats

Another one that people think only kids do. If you know you’re guilty of this, don’t take any gum with you on the day of the trip. It’s unhygienic and downright gross.

Corporate Bus No-no #4: Crowding the Next Person’s Personal Space

Leaning in too close while you speak, spreading your legs wide, or falling asleep on another passengers’ shoulder is intrusive. Keep a reasonable amount of space between you and other people, as you’re already confined.

Corporate Bus No-no #5: Playing Loud Music, Especially Without Headphones

Got some fire playlists on your smartphone? Keep them to yourself. We all think our musical tastes are great, but not everybody agrees. Lower the volume and limit the tunes to your ears.

Corporate Bus No-no #6: Standing or Forgetting to Strap In While Seated

There’s a reason why there are seats with safety paraphernalia attached. Accidents happen, so use them.

Some of these pointers may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised at how uncommon it is. There’s nothing complicated about these pointers, though. Just show your fellow passengers the same courtesy you expect.

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