7 Best Golf Courses In Sydney

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  • 02/06/2015

Golf is the sport of choice for gentlemen and many people visit Sydney just to take advantage of the numerous golf courses this city offers. Sydney’s golf clubs are spread all over the city and they  feature top-notch amenities and luxuries. This article has compiled a small list of the best golf courses in Sydney. As a tip, consider hiring a coach or a minibus to arrive at your preferred golf course quicker and transport your golf gear in a hassle free manner.

Moore Park Golf Course

This golf course is open from 6am to 10pm in the evening and it features very friendly and polite staff. It might be one of the busiest golf courses in the area, but entertainment is guaranteed all the times. Moore Park Golf Course is situated just 15 minutes from the central business district of Sydney and it features numerous types of golf courses for golfers of all levels of experience.There are also several hotels nearby if you are interesting about comfortable accommodations options in Sydney and the views are simply breathtaking. You will definitely be impressed by the large fig trees and the lush greens around you.

Eastlakes Golf Course

The Eastlakes Golf Course is open from 6:30 in the morning until 8pm and it is another popular place golfers love. It features excellent surfaces as well as numerous golf courses for you to choose from, depending on your level of experience. The staff is always very friendly and they will quickly place you in the right group, so you can start your game early.

This golf course stretches over a large area of land and it features amazing natural landscapes and stunning vegetation. You get the chance to rent a caddy to transport your golf gear around the area and there are numerous amenities surrounding you where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or your afternoon tea.

Manly Golf Course

In a similar fashion, this is another popular golf venue in Sydney and it is usually visited by a plethora of golfers, so you might want to consider making a booking on time. The courses are in a great condition and they feature a lot of flat surfaces. However, they can get quite challenging in various places, so don’t expect this golf course to be just for beginners.

The Manly Golf Course is also very close to the Manly beach, so after you have enjoyed a game of golf then you might want to take a stroll on the soft sands while inhaling the refreshing, salty breeze of the ocean. This golf course also features a restaurant where delicious foods are prepared. The golf club itself has been renovated in the last years, so now you should expect top quality amenities and features.

The Royal Sydney Golf Course

This is one of Australia’s most famous sporting venues and it is conveniently located in a stunning place in Sydney. The clubhouse is very elegant and the courses are very varied, suitable for golfers of all ages and levels of experience. The Royal Sydney Golf Course is more than 100 years old and today you have the opportunity to play golf in a very special and well-maintained golf club.

What makes this golf venue different from the others is the simple fact that the courses are challenging and quite addictive, regardless of the holes you play at. Lastly, during your visit at the Royal Sydney Golf Course you will also enjoy breathtaking natural views and stunning greens around you.

David Graham’s Golf Complex

This is another stunning golf venue in Sydney where you can have a lot of fun. The golf courses stretch over a vast area of land and while you play your favourite sport you can also admire rich vegetations, lush greens, and fantastic views. The surfaces of this golf venue are not particularly flat, so it will be quite interesting and challenging for you to play here.

Visitors can rent caddies to transport their golf equipments around and the club’s restaurant definitely worth a visit. The professional chefs can serve a wide variety of dishes and meals prepared from genuine Australian produce. David Graham’s Golf Complex is a heaven for golfers who come to Sydney to play their preferred sports.

Randwick Golf Course

Located on Howe Street in Sydney, this golf course offers spectacular views and it stretches over a vast area, so you have plenty of space at your disposal to indulge in your favourite sport. Not only that the views are superb and the golf courses are well-maintained, but you also get the chance to taste delicious foods in the club’s restaurant.

The staff of this golf club is friendly and they move quickly, so you won’t be left waiting a long time for your ordered foods to arrive. Customers also have a comprehensive wine list to explore when visiting the restaurant and if your golf gear is heavy, don’t hesitate to rent a caddy.

Castle Hill Golf Club

This superb golf course covers an area of approximately 167 acres and it was originally opened in the 1950s. Over the years, this golf course was extensively renovated and now it is in a top condition, ready to accept many visitors and clients who love golf. The Castle Hill Golf Club has hosted a series of major golf tournaments and championships in the past, so your time spent here will definitely feel very special.

The golf course also has an interesting layout and offers an abundance of spectacular views from any angle. Once you are tired of playing golf, you might want to visit the club’s restaurant for a delicious roast pork roll as well as many other appetising dishes. There is also an impressive wine list for you to examine.

Sydney has always offered excellent golfing venues for those who love this sport. If you are in this superb city in the near future, it is recommended to rent a minibus or a coach to get to your preferred golf courses quickly and comfortable, especially if you have those golf clubs and other golfing gear with you.

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