Common Misconceptions About Hiring A Charter Bus For Your Sydney Party

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  • 15/04/2019

There are myths and misconceptions associated with almost anything – including hiring a bus charter in Sydney for a party. You might want to choose this option but have changed your mind based on what others have said or something you’ve read online. Before you give up on this idea, make sure you’re basing your decisions on fact and not fiction. Here are the most common myths and misconceptions people have to do with hiring a charter bus.

Party Bus Hire Is Expensive

In all things, price is relative. If you and 19 other friends were attending a party in Sydney, each would have to pay for their own transport to get there. Each would be spending money on petrol costs and stacking up the mileage on their vehicle. When you hire a party bus, the group is charged a flat rate, which can be split evenly per person, making it much more affordable.

Party Buses Arrive In Terrible Condition

Logically, if you were hosting an event or occasion at your home, you’d make sure that your home was cleaned and tidied before your guests arrived. With charter buses in Sydney, the concept is the same. A reputable charter bus hire company will ensure that the service they’re providing is high quality – which means that the bus won’t arrive in a filthy condition.

Charter Buses Are Always Late

A legal contract is signed between the client and the rental company, which immediately protects you if you’re concerned about being late. If the charter bus hire company is reputable and professional, they’ll be on time, every time. In fact, if the bus were off schedule, it would more than likely be a passenger arriving late, not the driver.

Charter Buses Have No Discipline Onboard

Even for the craziest of parties, professional and responsible charter bus hire services will have strict rules for the events happening on board to protect their investments. The drivers are expected to uphold the company’s standards and are strict about bad behaviour. They don’t want a tarnished reputation, so the concept of “zero discipline onboard” is a total myth.

If you’re concerned about myths when hiring a charter bus in Sydney, remember to do your research first before settling with a rental company like Concord Coaches in Sydney. If you want a safe and enjoyable ride, call us today for a quote.

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