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  • 13/02/2015

Five best conference halls sydney coach hire north shore

If you’re having a conference in Sydney then, obviously, one of the most important aspects of your planning will be where to hold your conference. There are a lot of factors to consider when picking a conference hall:

  • Access. There is a difference between access and accessibility. Access means that the venue is easy to reach from hotels, airports, railways and wherever else your guests might be coming from. Pick a venue that everyone can get to and you’ll be doing your attendance a favor. Pick a place no charter bus can find and enjoy the sound of crickets.
  • Accessibility means that everyone can get inside and around the building once they get there. Are there escalators, elevators, ramps, automatic opening doors and hallways wide enough for wheelchairs?
  • Staff. You want to make sure that the conference hall has a full staff of helpful, professional personnel to assist in the setup, running and teardown of your tradeshow or conference.
  • Flexibility. If you are having a conference of less than 200 hundred people you don’t need a conference hall designed for 5,000. If that hall can’t divide itself into smaller rooms, find another.
  • Entertainment and Accommodation. You want a hall that is close to – or incorporates – somewhere for your guests to sleep, eat, drink and make merry. Conference goers are of course human beings and keeping them comfortable and entertained will increase their morale and leave them with a positive impression of the experience. You are a host, after all.


With these factors in mind, here is a list of five of the better conference venues in Sydney, in no particular order.

Aerial UTS Function Centre

Access: Close to accommodations, public transport, has parking facilities available – access is not an issue at all.

Accessibility: 100%. Person’s with disabilities should have no challenge accessing all the facilities.

Staff: Using the university’s staff means that there is no lack of helpful, energetic personnel.

Flexibility: The venue boasts that it can cater to groups of 10 to 1000 – flexibility seems to be their strongest suit. And I quote, “The centre can be tailored to suit your individual needs, whether you require an intimate meeting space for 20 or a large sweeping space for 400.”

Entertainment and Accommodation: Aerial UTS’ entertainment factor is the quality of its catering and the beauty of it’s views. When they claim that their high tech yet elegant facility is the height of sophistication they aren’t just blowing hot air. Your guests will be impressed. Aerial UTS is perfectly suited for cocktails, gallery openings and white linen nights.

Sydney Opera House

Access: If you can’t get to the Sydney Opera House you are not in Australia.

Accessibility: 100%, though the tiered stairway can be a problem for less mobile attendees if they are seated at the upper levels.

Staff: Excellent. Aria catering – the opera house’s in house catering service – has been utilized and vetted over and over again. Get ready for a great experience.

Flexibility: The flexibility of the Sydney Opera House’s catering is in its many choice of venues. Several of the buildings in the complex can be utilized depending on the view, style and number of guests you want to host.

Entertainment and Accommodation: The Sydney Opera House is easily one of the most beautiful and entertaining places in Sydney, and there is no shortage of accommodation and facilities in the immediate area. You will have no problem whatsoever making sure your guests have a memorable night.


Sydney Conference And Training Centre

Access: The best access to the Sydney Conference And Training Centre is from the northern beaches, from which it is 5 minutes away. But it is also less than an hour from all the major incoming hubs in Sydney. Access = no problem.

Accessibility: Single storey facility on a big flat plot. No problem for anyone. It looks like a genuine joy to traverse.

Staff: This facility bills itself as a full service conference and program facilitator. Their staff are professionals at organizing and serving conferences. You shouldn’t have to do anything.

Flexibility: Ultimately flexible, the only thing this venue isn’t suited for is trade shows requiring large booths. Perfectly suited for classes, conferences and residential retreats.

Entertainment and Accommodation: Here is where this facility really excels – being a bit more rural than the other options on this list, the Sydney Conference and Training Centre offers incorporated and nearby archery, abseiling, confidence obstacle courses and other state fair-like activities perfectly suited for team building getaways.

The Portside Centre

Access: Easily accessible by public transit, taxi and, of course, boat.

Accessibility: No problem – take the elevator to any of the six floors.

Staff: No staff mentioned, and so it can’t be a great selling point for them. The testimonials, however, rave about the helpfulness of the staff.

Flexibility: Excellent, perhaps the best on this list. The staff is supposed to excel at ‘behind the scenes’ efforts, and the fact that they have several floors of common areas and classrooms to run speaks on their behalf. This venue has been purpose built as a training, meeting and conference center and can cater to groups of 2 – 275.

Entertainment and Accommodation: Not much onsite besides catering however being located in the central business district means you won’t have to go far.


Australian Technology Park

Access: Right beside the CBD, access is easy and constant at any time, night or day.

Accessibility: Not a problem at all. A full open, purpose-built location.

Staff: Professional and ubiquitous. If you need it, they’ve got it, and have likely anticipated it.

Flexibility: “Able to accommodate groups of 10 to 5,000.” I think that really says it all.

Entertainment and Accommodation: The venue itself is entertaining. Calling itself a ‘unique heritage space’, the Australian Technology Park looks like a cross between a victorian era locomotive factory, turn of the century Italian church and a british bank. It is sure to make an impression. As for accommodation, being so close to the CBD means that finding a place for all of your attendees to lay their head will never be a problem.

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