Great Places for School Camps Around Sydney

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  • 31/01/2015

Great Places for School Camps Around Sydney

Sydney and the surrounding country is full of wildlife. The subtropical climate allows for flora and fauna of all kinds to thrive. Australia’s unique global position has allowed many unique animals to evolve that are exclusive to Australia. With 35,000 km of coastline the oceans add to the diversity of life forms that can be studied up close and personal in Australia.

Only two and a half hours outside of Sydney is Jenolan Caves, a wondrous place for students to discover what happens underground.

Concord Coaches invites groups of all ages and sizes to book their school excursions in and around Sydney. Our trained logistics staff are knowledgeable on many activities and points of interest in Sydney and the surrounding area. We have detailed a few ideas on this page and we have many more. Whether your group is going to take a short half day trip to the Aquarium or a two day trek through the Jenolan Caves Concord Coaches has all your coach hire needs covered for any school excursion.


Students can learn about aquatic animals, sea creatures, and underwater plant life at the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium. Visit any one of the zoo’s or wildlife parks to see endangered animals. Learn about their habitats, and what they eat and how they survive in the wild.

Sydney Sea Life Aquarium

Explore 13,000 different animals from over 700 different species at the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium. Sydney is home to the largest display of aquatic animals in the world. In a country where 80% of the population lives within 100 km of the coast this is less than surprising.

**Teachers receive free entry to Sydney Sea Life Aquarium at all times so they can explore lesson possibilities at their leisure.

Students can observe examples of all types of Sea Life animals including, fish, reptiles, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.

The Aquarium suggests students spend about an hour and a half at the park. Excursions can be self guided, or an interactive SEA & Discover Class session can be scheduled. Groups can be any size.

The newest classes being offered at the Sea Life Aquarium are fully interactive classes and are tailored to the age group of the students. All interactive lessons are hands on and match the Australian Curriculum. Let the experts know how many students and what their ages are and a custom curriculum will be created for your schools excursion.

Taronga Zoo

Travel back in time over 65 million years ago and more. The Taronga Zoo has a fully animatronic to scale display of dinosaurs. Students can see just how big the massive T-rex is. Learn all about these prehistoric creatures.

School excursions to the Taronga Zoo are as easy as filling up your coach with students, parents, and teachers and getting to the Zoo. Decide on the purpose of your excursion, break up the students into small groups prior to arrival. Plan your route through the zoo ahead of time leaving time for students to observe animals in their enclosures. Be sure all students have supplies such as paper, pencil, crayons, notebook, camera etc.

Everything changes when the sun goes down. Experience Twilight at the Taronga Zoo. Many of Australia’s animals are nocturnal and their behaviour, noises, and activities change as the sun disappears for the evening. A BBQ dinner under the stars kicks off the evening at the zoo, then take a stroll to discover the wild creatures that only come out at night. Students and teachers alike will be delighted with this unique educational excursion.

Concord Coaches is available for half day, full day, or evening excursions for all size groups.

Wild Life Sydney

Take your students to learn all about Australia’s unique wildlife right in the heart of Sydney. Wildlife Sydney Zoo has educational tours that are aligned with the Australian National Curriculum. Both indoor and outdoor facilities are available and tours can be custom tailored for the size of the group and the age of the students. The new Wild Discovery class is a hands on adventure led by one of our experienced educators. It is an interactive way for students to engage with the animals directly.

Nature’s Classroom

The Jenolan Caves are only two and a half hours from Sydney and are heritage protected wilderness. Make a day trip or go overnight to explore the many caves, and try out all the different activities available.

Jenolan Caves

Students K-12 are fascinated by the natural wonders occurring inside the Jenolan Caves. There are ten show caves and school groups can choose to tour one or more of these show caves creating a custom experience for each group. Tour content will be customized based on the needs of the group.

Caving teams welcome!! Put on the helmet, turn on the light and go spelunking for real! Introduce students to the art of caving. Trained guides can introduce the underworld of these magnificent caves to students who will learn squeezing, climbs, and crawls. Everyone will definitely feel like a real life adventurer.

Other activities open are abseiling for beginners, bush navigation, and Karst walks. Trips can be for the day or overnight. Lodging and meals are available onsite.

There are just some ideas in and around Sydney. School excursions are available to just about any destination you can think of. Other popular destinations are: The Royal Botanical Gardens, one of the Outdoor Recreation Centers, The NSW Art Gallery, The Australian Museum, and many more.

Contact Concord Coaches today with questions or to book your schools excursion. Call us at (02) 8188 2055, email, or use the enquiry form on this page.

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