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  • 08/04/2015

How to use a Minibus for Holiday Service or Shuttle Service

Minibus driving on a roadMinibuses, you see them everywhere.  In every major city around the world whether a first world nation like Australia or a developing country such as Thailand they all use minibuses to get people where they need to be. Using a minibus is one of the most economical ways for groups of four or more to travel. Not only is using a minibus easier on the wallet it is easier on the environment as it lowers the carbon footprint left by each person.

Corporations use minibuses with drivers all the time for team building events, employee awards activities, training seminars, and for exhibiting at Trade Shows.  Social groups use minibuses to ease holiday travel stress, holiday shopping trips, and to visit shows and festivals.


At Concord Coaches we encourage the use of minibuses for all kinds of transport for corporate or social use.  Our fleet has coaches set up for total luxury and more economical versions depending on client needs.  Please fill out our Quick Quote form for more information.

Minibus Airport Transfer for Holiday Makers

When holidaymakers make their plans they reserve hotel rooms, airline tickets, and often times a rental car.  That means navigating a new city, which during holidays can be more crowded and difficult to navigate even for seasoned locals, much less for first time visitors.  Next time you are booking travel plans, leave the rental car option off and experience travelling with your very own minibus that comes with private driver.

You will find ample leg room, plenty of space for parties and groups larger than four, and more than enough storage for luggage, golf clubs, surfboards, bicycles etc.

Minibus for Holiday Shopping

For those that take shopping seriously there is no better way to do it than by hiring a private coach and driver.  Whether you are going shopping for home wares in the Rocks, or looking for artworks for your home, or just shopping for the holidays it is so much easier to store hop when you have a driver and unlimited (to a point) cargo space.


This is also a fabulous option for getting the shopping done for bridal gowns, bridesmaids, shoes, wedding favors, finding the right baker, or venue.  There are so many ways that shoppers use our private mini coach service.


Minibus Hire for Holiday Shows & Festivals

As we all know the holidays are a crowded time of year and the best shows and festivals are during peak times and traffic can be a real pain, not to mention parking in the CBD.  To save time and money use a private minibus and driver to take you to your show or festival and arrange a pick up time and place later on.  Forget wasting time looking for parking, do not pay for parking, and take your whole group in one shot.


Going to a show and you want to enjoy some adult beverages, there is no safer way to drink and drive than have a private driver operating your mini coach so you can enjoy yourself and stay safe.  Holidays are a time to celebrate, do it responsibly.


Corporate Minibus


Shuttle Service for Training

Many large corporations hold training sessions for employees all together in Sydney.  Often times new trainees may be arriving from all over Australia.  Using minibus service to get your employees from their hotel to your training facility is an economical, quick, convenient way to make sure everyone arrives at the same time and on time.  The time in the van also gives employees some time together to socialize and get to know one another.


Conversation inevitably spark and there is a great opportunity for relationship building.  All our drivers are happy to give suggestions to your employees on the best places to eat, or the best watering holes to visit.

Tradeshows and Exhibitions

Concord Coaches is happy to assist you for your tradeshows and exhibitions.  We have a number of different size mini coaches available in our fleet as well as trailers with advanced notice.  If you need to transport large displays we can arrange direct transport from the airport to the venue or your hotel.  When you fill out the Quick Quote online please put a quick note in and a logistics specialists will be happy to help you.

Team Building Events

Sydney is a city full of activities.  With 100 golf courses, a number of national parks, wine country, aquatic sports of all kinds, parks, beaches, the botanic gardens the opera house, the harbour bridge climb and many many more there are so many activities available for corporate team building.  Use a private mini bus for team building events to help foster the team environment from the beginning of the day all the way through to the end.

Employee Awards

Excellent companies recognize that what makes them great is their human capital.  The best of the best realize that recognition of employee achievements goes a long way in encouraging high performance.  Within a two hour drive of Sydney or in the CBD there are hundreds of ways to show your employees you appreciate them.  For small groups there are discounts to many of Sydney’s attractions.  For larger companies you can even rent an entire park or choose one of the awesome venues in the city for parties.

Minibus Hire for Personal or Professional Use

Concord Coaches provides excellent service to all our clients.  Whether a social group of six going on a golf trip or spa day, or a corporation in need of a fleet of minibuses to provide event transfers daily for a week there is an ideal solution for you.  Choose from economy coaches or luxury coaches.

Fill out the Quick Quote form and a logistics specialist will assist you with all your transportation needs.

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