How Is Everyone Getting To The Wedding? With A Sydney Minibus Charter Of Course

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  • 05/07/2019

It doesn’t matter how big or small your wedding is – you’ll still have to think about how everyone is getting to the main venue. You’ve arranged transport for you and your fiancé, the bridesmaids, and your parents. But have you thought about your guests? Not to worry as you can always secure a Sydney minibus charter for this purpose.

Get Them To The Church On Time

You only get married once, hire our minibus charter in Sydney for your guests to have a good time. Make memories and not worry about rushing home because they’re afraid of partying too late or indulging in a drink or two. Often weddings have guests coming from other states or countries, making it even more important as they might not be able to get around by themselves.

What service is dependable, affordable and large enough to transport a lot of guests? A minibus. Not, only is using a minibus charter service from Concord Coaches a safe convenient travel option for your guests, but it’s also an easy arrangement that will give you peace of mind on your special day. Here is how to organise reliable transport:

1) Decide Who Needs The Service

By determining who’s going to need transport, be it out-of-state or party-goer guests – you can budget accordingly. You’d hate to leave your guests stranded between your wedding and reception venue, so consider this too.

2) Confirm The Time, Pick-Up/Drop-Off Locations

Before shopping around for a minibus, ensure you’ve confirmed accurate times and locations. Make sure that this is communicated to your wedding party, so that if there are any last-minute arrangements to be made, they’re aware of the service you’ve organised.

3) Book The Service

Use a reputable service provider like Concord Coaches that can guarantee licensed drivers and no overcrowding. We’ll ensure that we have the directions to all your locations and venues as well as have alternative routes, in case of bad weather or traffic.

4) Inform Your Guests

Once you have confirmed and booked the service, it’s time to inform your guests – ideally, a month before so that they can arrange their schedules around it. Assure them that their safety is important to you and not to feel bad about using the service.

Hiring a minibus charter in Sydney can help take the pressure off and make sure your loved ones aren’t late. Contact us for an affordable package that will meet all your requirements.

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