Top 8 Places To See At Night In Sydney

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  • 02/06/2015

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world and it is not a surprise that so many people visit this fantastic city every year. Tourists who come to Sydney usually can’t wait to experience its lively nightlife. Luckily, this magnificent city features numerous pubs, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and nightclubs where you can listen to music, drink, eat, dance, and have fun in the company of your friends or family members. In fact, if you are visiting Sydney soon, don’t forget to check out those places.

The Lord Nelson

The Lord Nelson is a famous, award-winning pub in Sydney which you can travel to using a minibus or a coach, particularly if you are a large group of people. This restaurant preserves a vintage interior atmosphere and it features a small brewery. It used to be one of the oldest hotels in Sydney and today, it is one of the most appreciated and popular bars in the city.

Here, you can enjoy a wide selection of beers from all parts of the world as well as other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Also, the food options are numerous and some of the most delicious dishes are pork pies spiced up with English mustard. The staff is also very courteous and the prices are reasonable, so the Lord Nelson shouldn’t be left out from your Sydney itinerary.

The Baxter Inn

In a similar fashion, the Baxter Inn is another wonderful nightlife venue you might want to check out during your vacation in Sydney, Australia. Here you can enjoy an amazing array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, beers, wines, ciders, and other types of drinks. Also, music is wonderful every night and in some cases live bands entertain the clients of this Inn.

The location itself is very cosy and relaxing, perfect for a night out with friends. Here you can also enjoy delicious foods prepared by the local chefs who use fresh ingredients and authentic Australian produce.

The interior atmosphere is also very warm and inviting, encouraging you to feel great and get rid of stress.

Marble Bar

This bar was originally built at the end of the 18th century and it features periodic live entertainment to its clients. It features a Victorian-style interior design as well as impressive exhibits and artworks. Drinking or eating here will always feel very special and the staff of the bar is always friendly and attentive with you.

While you listen to the live music and gulp down your affordable drinks, you can also enjoy delicious bar snacks or various cold meals. This bar is suitable for those who love elegant interior settings and they are ready to try something new.

Eau de Vie

Also, if you want to spend a few hours in a classy and special bar in Sydney then you should visit the Eau de Vie bar. This place features stunning interior decorations such as black walls, golden ceilings as well as small round tables placed here and there. You will be welcomed by a lovely hostess who will take you to your tables and the list of drinks you can enjoy here is not small.

The candles placed on the tables make this place a very romantic one and the bar is run by several bartenders, so you won’t wait too long for your drinks to arrive. The atmosphere of the bar also feels very special and exciting and if you are hungry, there are many types of meals to choose from.

Fortune of War

This bar is a traditional Australian one which is usually packed with tourists and visitors just like you. However, Sydney residents also visit this bar looking for a delicious drink and a tasty meal. The pub is wonderfully decorated using multiple artworks and pictures placed on the walls. Here you get the chance to make new friends as the Fortune of War bar always features friendly clients and personnel.

Although some of the drinks might be a little bit on the pricey side, this bar offers you an authentic Aussie experience you won’t find somewhere else.

The Sun Room, The Ivy

This nightclub is located in a multi-storey building and each storey features its own genre of music. It is an exclusive nightclub you should visit with some of your best friends or family members. Although the entrance might be a little expensive, you will definitely not regret visiting this nightclub. The multicoloured lighting options and light effects create a spectacular atmosphere here and the bar features a wide selection of tasty drinks for you to choose from.

Hard Rock Cafe Sydney

This is a great place you might want to visit with your family members. The staff is always very polite and friendly and you can choose from multiple types of beverages or bar snacks. The interior atmosphere is delightful and the prices of drinks are not that high. The Hard Rock Café also features unique interior decorations and design elements that will make your experience a very special one. The music is also good and it is not very loud, so you can enjoy a wonderful conversation with your family members without having to shout.

The Wild Rover

This bar can be missed out easily due to its location, but if you manage to find it, you are in for an amazing experience. This pub features numerous drinks and beverages which are priced reasonably and served with great passion by experienced bartenders. Various types of whisky are available here as well as local beers and bar snacks. This pub is perfect if you are looking for a private and intimate place to spend a lovely evening in the company of your friends or lover.

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