See Sydney For Shopaholics!

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  • 23/12/2014

See Sydney For Shopaholics!

One of the most amazing things about visiting Sydney is that it gives you an opportunity to go on shopping sprees in a large number of shops, from high end luxury malls to quirky little markets. In fact, most people think of Sydney as the ultimate shopping experience due to the large variety of shopping adventures available. Some of the best shopping venues you can frequent in this region include:

World Square

Compared to most of the other shopping centres in the region, this is not particularly large. However, it still does have a lot to offer, and the fact that it’s small only means that it feels cosier than most of the rest. Some of the notable stores that are found in this mall include Coles, Rebel, JB HiFi and Grill’d Burger. Most of the people who visit it tend to find that the eateries are particularly appealing, so it would be a good idea for you to try some of them out if you love great food. The fact that it’s not so large also means that it’s not as overwhelming as more complex stores.

The Strand Arcade

This is a mall that is located on 412-414 George Street in Sydney. One of the most appealing things about it is that it has everything you might ever need under one roof, from food joints to clothing stores. You can do all your shopping and relaxation in one venue, and this convenience is one of the major reasons why a large number of people prefer to shop here.

The Living Mall

The Living Mall on 28 Broadway is also one of the most popular in the region. It is frequented by all sorts of people, from the young and hip crowd to some of the older individuals. The reason for this is that there are many different types of stores in the mall, making it the ideal place to visit for all varieties of people.

Surry Hills

This is one of the most popular shopping precincts in Sydney. One of the defining features of the area is that it has a lot of energy, making it one of the most fun places to visit whether you are interested in shopping or just want to buy stuff. The region is home to a large number of small galleries and even boutiques, giving it the perfect environment for you to shop in.


Another shopping precinct that has become very popular over the recent past is Darlinghurst. Most people visit it for the purposes of shopping or to simply socialize with other people. Some of the facilities you can find in the region include music shops, a variety of cafes, restaurants and boutiques.

The Rocks

This is a shopping precinct that has everything to offer including art and souvenir shops. If you intend to buy a gift for a loved one, this would be one of the best places for you to find it. The Rock Markets is particularly popular especially during the weekends from Friday to Sunday.

These are just some of the places that shopping fanatics can have a great time shopping at. There are of course many other places you can shop at in addition to the list above, making Sydney the perfect place for any shopaholic to visit. If you want to shop to your heart’s content especially when you are visiting Sydney as a group, getting a mini bus or coach to bring you to the different shopping spots is advisable. While the travelling will certainly be comfortable, you also do not have to worry about where your shopping bags should go!

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