Sporting Tours Around Sydney By Minibus

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  • 28/12/2016

Sydney and the surrounding countryside of New South Wales is a treasure trove of sporting events and opportunities just waiting to be explored.

Many rugby clubs, football teams and golfing parties take tours to new courses or to play old opponents, and one of the best ways of getting around is by Minibus. Reputable group transport companies such as Concord Coaches are the experts at providing minibus transport for sporting groups around New South Wales.

Golfing Tours

There are so many great golf courses in the Sydney area to cater for both the expert and novice. If you and your golf buddies fancy a few days out, visiting some of the best courses on a tour, then a minibus is one of the best ideas.

Firstly there is plenty of room aboard the bus to stow all the clubs, bags, kit and all the other paraphernalia needed to play your favourite game, and plenty of room left to accommodate the golfers.

Some of the best courses that should be on your agenda are: Moore Park, Royal Sydney, Mona Vale, Stonecutters Ridge and The Coast Golf Club.

Team Tours

Small team tours be it school or local clubs are ideal by minibus. Whether your team is a five-a-side soccer outfit or a seven-a-side rugby squad, a minibus offers the best value for money means of transportation.

It also has the added advantage of keeping the squad together, arriving on match days in private transportation is a risky business as your star forward may not be able to read a map and miss the game.

Supporters Groups

Are you and your group organising a special tour to one of the major sporting events in Sydney? If so a minibus might be the answer to your transportation problems. Travelling by large coach or big bus can sometimes be difficult around the crowded city roads and small venue streets.

A minibus can literally go anywhere a car can and therefore has no problems parking and negotiating the traffic.

Some of the events you might want to go and see are; Test Cricket at Moore Park, Australia Day Cup at Randwick, HSBC Rugby 7’s at Moore Park, Sydney Carnival at Parramatta, Holden State of Origin at Sydney Olympic Park, and the Australian Open Golf Championship.

Whatever your sporting event is, either participating or spectating, it is without doubt the best way to get around for a small party is by minibus charter. It will also definitely work out to be one of the most cost effective ways also, but the biggest benefit is that you and your party will arrive together at the venue at the correct time.

Let the professionals take the strain, Concord Coaches know the venues, the routes, the best ways to avoid the traffic and the most convenient parking places, it makes sense leaving the whole thing to the experts.

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