Sydney Airport Guide – A 1st Visit Perspective

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  • 26/11/2014

Sydney Airport Guide – A 1st Visit Perspective


As you might imagine, Sydney Airport is easily one of the busiest airports in Australia. With 3 terminals that service the requirement of both international and domestic travellers.

Located just 10KM away from the downtown area, Sydney Airport is well served by all manner of different transportation networks.

A plethora of shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities await, allowing you to carry out any last minute shopping before your flight time is called.

For those who haven’t yet experienced Sydney Airport, the following information should provide a useful introduction.

No Night-Time Flights

First time visitors should perhaps be aware that Sydney legislation forbids night time flying. As a result of this the airport actually shuts down just after 11pm and re-opens again the next morning.

Not only is this somewhat unusual for modern airports, it also means that the airport runs at full capacity during the daytimes. Something that perhaps should be considered when factoring in getting to and from and also around the airport once you are here.

Early morning travellers will very often decide to spend the preceding night at one of the many nearby hotels. Choice is varied and should allow you to find a suitable resting place, no matter what budget you might have.

Golden Ambassadors

Try not to be put off by the scale of Sydney Airport. Yes, it is big and yes it is busy but help is always at hand.

For those newbie’s travellers there is always reassuring assistance in the form of the airport’s golden ambassadors. These are the helpful airport staff that have earned their nickname from the bright yellow jackets that are worn.

However, it is important to know that their role is to provide an improved airport experience. They will definitely draw the line at being your own personal airport guide.

Terminals 1,2 & 3

As you might expect, all major domestic and international carriers operate out of Sydney Airport.

T1 is the international terminal and visitors need to know that a security check is required in additional to the usual immigration checks. Before worrying too much, you should be perfectly fine, providing that you have the correct visa for entry or exit out of Australia.

T2 & T3 are devoted to domestic arrivals and departures, with every conceivable destination across Australia being within easy reach.

Transportation to Sydney

As covered earlier, there are a multitude of transport options that support Sydney Airport.

Traditional taxi and bus services are accessible without too much trouble; however, if you want to make your visit

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