The Benefits Of Hiring A Bus For Corporate Events In Sydney

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  • 15/03/2019

Every company will need to host an event or team building function that doesn’t take place on the business premises. If you’re doing this and relying on your employees to drive themselves to a venue or find their way to the event, you should be aware that it could pose a few problems, like people getting lost, arriving late and claiming back taxi and shuttle fees as travel expenses. A better alternative is to hire a bus so that everyone gets to the right place on time, for less, and with less stress all around. Here are the benefits of corporate bus hire in Sydney:

1) Passengers Are Given The Opportunity To Bond

Businesses benefit significantly from great working relationships between colleagues. Team building events are for the sole purpose of building relationships between coworkers that are trustworthy and friendly. Hiring a bus to transport your team to an occasion means that they’ll have the chance for one-on-one bonding in the way to their destination.

2) It’s A Cost-Effective Solution

If you’re putting an event together for your employees, you want it to be all-inclusive so that they enjoy themselves the entire time. All-inclusive means that they shouldn’t have to use their money on travel costs. If each employee were to pay their way, it would amount to multiple trips, in comparison to one journey which transports them all at once in a bus. You won’t have to worry about reimbursing employees for fuel, parking or toll expenses, which saves you money too.

3) You’ll Stick To The Schedule

When people are responsible for their travel, they could get lost or arrive late. Large groups are difficult to manage, and it’s challenging to coordinate many people at once. The simpler solution is to have them travel together. All you need to do is give them a strict timeline so that they arrive at the pick-up point on time. If everyone is travelling together, it also means that the bus won’t leave until every person is accounted for. The bus will arrive at the function on time with everyone present so that you don’t have to wait for stragglers or start the event with members of your team missing.

Planning events and corporate functions can be stressful enough, so why not hire a bus to transport everyone at once? This solves every transport or punctuality issue that could arise. Hire a corporate bus in Sydney so that you can focus on creating an amazing event that everyone will enjoy. When the time comes, call Concord Coaches to solve all your corporate bus hire needs.

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