There’s A Huge Array Of Activities Waiting For You In Sydney

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  • 21/11/2014

There’s A Huge Array Of Activities Waiting For You In Sydney!


Visiting the city of Sydney is always an eye opener for many people. There are numerous activities to do and a big list of sites to visit, which makes it one of the most interesting places in the world for touring. In fact, one may find themselves overwhelmed by the variety they might have, particularly if they have very little time in the city but want to experience as much as possible. However, there are a number of attractions that have proven to be very popular among the many that are there, and visiting them is likely to be a good idea for you. Some of these include:

For food and wine aficionados

If you are the type of person who loves trying out new dishes, you will find that Sydney has a lot to offer in this regard. There are a number of pubs, restaurants and cafes that offer a huge variety of menus, and visiting them is likely to be an eye opener for anyone who is interested in having more experience in terms of cuisine. You will find restaurants offering cuisines from all parts of the world including Greece, Italy and also India.

You can also go on the Ultimately Sydney Gourmet Tour, which gives patrons the opportunity to get in touch with vendors who sell all sorts of high quality produce including coffee and spices. Sydney is also home to Ms Gs, a noodle bar that is very popular due to the unique service it offers. You can also try out some fish and chips from The Boathouse, or excellent dessert from the Rozelle Café.

For arts, heritage and culture enthusiasts

If you are more of the artsy type, you will still find that the city has a lot to offer as well. Some of the specific attractions that are popular in this regard include the Art Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Art. These usually have displays from all over the world, and they are usually changed on a regular basis ensuring that you will always get a unique experience every time you visit. Other sites you can visit for an experience in art include the Sydney Opera House, the State Theatre and the Sydney Lyric Theatre. The latter is especially popular for plays such as Dirty Dancing and other musicals.

For shopping fanatics

For many people, going on holiday is synonymous with shopping. Fortunately, Sydney is a hub that is home to many local and international outlets, so you are likely to find it easy to buy anything you need in the city. Some of the best places to shop include Pitt Street Mall, which is an entire retail shopping district that covers two blocks. Popular stores include David Jones and Myer, which stock some of the most appealing brands in the market. It’s also possible to find branches of international fashion stores including Prada and Gucci as well.

For nature lovers

If what you are interested in is spending some time in nature, Sydney has you covered. Some of the spots that you should visit for this include Cockatoo Island, Centennial Parklands as well as the Royal Botanic Gardens.

To visit any of these areas, you should consider hiring a bus or a coach for your transport needs, especially if you are travelling in a group. It also makes it much easier to organize the logistics particularly if you intend to visit more than one area.

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