Upcoming Events For Sports Fans In Sydney

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  • 27/01/2015

Upcoming Events For Sports Fans In Sydney

Are you going to visit Sydney in the near future, and you also happen to be a sports fan? If so, you will be glad to know that there are many sports-related activities lined up for the next few months, giving you an opportunity to have fun and even participate in some of them. The population around Sydney is sports-oriented so this means that in addition to enjoying something that you love, you also get the chance to mingle with people who have the same passion as you do. Some of the notable sports events that are happening soon in Sydney include:

The Andre Charlton Biathlon

This is a biathlon held every Thursday between 15 January and 02 April. The biathlon usually starts at 6:30 pm and takes around one and a half hours to complete. It is held at the Andrew Charlton Pool on Macquaries Road in Sydney. The biathlon involves a 4-kilometre run across The Domain, followed by a 300-meter swim.

You are encouraged to come along with family and friends who can simply be viewers or even participate in the event. This is a fun and friendly event, and does not require you to be particularly fit in order to take part in it. Consider renting a coach to the venue particularly if you are travelling in a large group, since this is the most convenient way to travel when you also have to carry the gear you might need for the biathlon.

The Tennis Fan Zone

This is an activity that is held every day between January 26 and February 1st at Customs House, 31 Alfred Street. Attending this event will not cost you anything, but will give you the opportunity to watch live tennis with other enthusiasts from the neighbouring regions. The tennis matches are displayed on huge bright screens, and there are amenities such as bars and restaurants set up at the venue for the duration of the screenings. In addition to watching tennis with other people who are enthusiastic about the game, you also get the opportunity to win prizes and giveaways every day.

The $10 for 2 Hours Program

This is a sports program that is mainly aimed at young youth. It runs from the 6th of January to 30th January. It is a program that is meant to encourage young kids between the ages of 6 and 15 to participate in activities such as basketball and futsal. If you are visiting Sydney and need to find a venue for your child to have some fun, this would be one to consider. It attracts a large number of participants, which means that your kids are likely to find it a lot of fun. They might even end up making lifelong friends here. The fact that they only need to participate for 2 hours also means that it’s not that physically demanding.

Sydney Football Club Trials

If you are a fan of football and are thinking of making it a professional career or know someone who is, you could sign up for the football trials for the Sydney Football Club. These are held between January 10 and January 31 from 10a.m at the Domain Fields in Sydney. Some of the potential benefits of going for this event include having your skill assessed, getting some information on how to start a career as a footballer and interacting with stakeholders involved in this sport.

The Soccer Clinic

This is an event that will be held in three sessions: On the 21st of February from 9am to 4.30 pm, on the 28th of January from 9am to 4.30 pm and on 7th February from 9am to 4.30 pm. All sessions will be held at the Brazilian Fields at the Centennial Park. The goal of the Soccer Clinic is to provide a fun environment in which one can get some soccer training, as well as get Spanish lessons that are particularly targeted to soccer players. The Spanish lessons are provided by a certified instructor, as are the soccer lessons. The clinic is ideal for youngsters who have a passion for soccer. It costs $265 per child for three days. Discounts are given to siblings of the first child who enrols.

Tai Chi Workshops

A number of Tai Chi sessions have been scheduled every Saturday up to 21 February 2015, and each session runs from 10.30 am to noon. It costs $200 for ten sessions, and interested parties can make use of one free trial session to figure out if the workshop is suitable for them. The workshops are ideal for people who are interested in the martial arts, and want to learn more about them. They sessions will be held at the China Cultural Centre at 151 Castelreagh Street in Sydney. If you are interested in a low intensity fitness program that will help improve your health and your general well being, you can use this workshop as an introduction to Tai Chi. Later on, you can then sign up for more extensive classes as you wish.

The ICC Cricket World Cup

The 2015 Cricket World Cup will be held on 27 February from 2pm to 11pm at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Driver Avenue Moore Park. If you are a fan of cricket and will be around Sydney at this time, this is an event you can’t afford to miss out on. Tickets for adults cost a minimum of $20, and those for children cost a minimum of $5.

These are just some of the sports events that you can catch if you are likely to visit Sydney in the next few months. If you are interested in any of them, it would be important for you to start making plans to attend them as early as possible, particularly for the more popular ones. One of the things you will need to figure out is your logistics to and from the venues mentioned above. Renting a coach bus or a mini bus would be a great way for you to handle the logistics, since it affords you all the space you need for your gear, and allows large groups to travel together.

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