Why Shuttle Bus Hire Is Your Safest Travel Option In Sydney

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  • 15/02/2019

Whenever we drive on the road, there’s always the possibility that we could have an accident. Not all drivers we share the road with are safety conscious, so it’s natural to be concerned about this. However, it doesn’t mean that you should resign yourself to never driving anywhere – and this isn’t practical when you’re responsible for transporting groups of people either. You can significantly increase your peace of mind by choosing a transport option that’s proven to be safer than the rest, such as a shuttle bus. Here’s why you should choose shuttle bus hire for your next Sydney trip.

How Safe Are Shuttle Busses?

According to an Inquiry into Road Safety made to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Transport and Regional Services, buses are one of the safest modes of transport, resulting in the least amount of fatalities and injury incidents on Australian roads. It’s estimated that your chances of suffering a fatal accident on a bus are over one in 100 million, with bus rides being seven times safer than driving the family car, 31 times safer than walking and 228 times safer than riding a bicycle.

The safety of buses comes down to the fact that they’re less likely to sustain damage or roll over in a collision due to their larger size and high mass. Inside the bus, seats have been built to remain steady and on their footing despite any impact. Coupled with the use of seatbelts to prevent passengers from being flung out of the vehicle and it’s easy to see why buses can better protect you in transit.

What About The Driver?

Even the most impeccably performing bus won’t be safe if it’s driven by the wrong driver. Thankfully, most shuttle hire companies in Sydney (including Concorde Coaches) make sure that all their drivers have an official government Bus Driver Authority, which requires they pass both a criminal and medical check to ensure they’re able to complete the job.

Whether you’re transporting a group of seniors on tour or need to hire a bus for your school, you cannot and should not compromise on safety. Make sure you only work with the best in shuttle bus hire in Sydney, by hiring from Concorde Coaches.

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