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We Used To Call it Operations!

When it comes to local Sydney knowledge, the team at Concord Coaches are right up there. Our Logistics expertise is second to none. Chances are, our Operations Schedulers and Planners have been to where you’re heading many times before. It is mandatory that our senior people regularly perform on-road duties in the field to stay in touch with changing conditions. We will use a fleet of minibuses or a few large coaches to move large groups of people and or equipment depending on your needs.

One good example is using several minibuses during certain times of day simply because of their maneuverability in traffic conditions, or maybe a minibus will work better for parking than an oversized bus. We will discuss all the options with you, sometimes you may spend more money to save on time, or increase flexibility. Concord Coaches will tailor each transportation package to fit your groups needs.

Google Maps, GPS and Sat Navs are great sophisticated tools (we have them all) but hands-on experience is what makes the difference. We combine all the tools possible, plus more, to ensure that we deliver quality service on all occasions. Our Operations Centre has up to the minute Airport Flight details, Sydney Traffic Conditions, Weather Conditions, and Vehicle Tracking. For multi vehicle movements, major events, VIP and Sensitive High Security operations we are with you on the ground all the way to work with you to deliver super- efficient outcomes.

We have a fleet of over 130 vehicles that we own, operate and maintain so we can pull from a number of vehicles to get the job done. You let our team know how many passengers and the purpose for the transport and whether or not you anticipate needing additional storage areas, for inbound international guests this could mean more luggage space, for corporate clients this could mean gear to set up for a product presentation or expo, school groups require room for instruments, and sometimes social groups need more room for golf clubs, surf boards, or bicycles.

One popular method is for a group to get a minibus with enough room for them and all the extras. A trailer may also be arranged. Simply tell our logistics pros what you want to accomplish and we will work out all the other details for you.

As we all well know, traffic conditions, late flights, road works, motor vehicle accidents, late changes, additional requirements are all part of the business and often outside of our direct control. We don’t get flustered. We logistically work with what we have to provide acceptable solutions. We have regularly been asked if there is a charge for our On-Site Co-Ordination Services. Unlike some of the ‘other’ guys around town- we wouldn’t dare charge you for a service that we believe is our responsibility. We delight in keeping our customers happy.

Logistics - Logistics


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